Teacher Planning and Implementation Guidelines


The Virginia Law Foundation & The Virginia Bar Association Rule of Law Project is simple and free. The Implementation Guideline below and the Timeline of Activities is all the information you need to facilitate the implementation of the project in your division:

1. Create a task force of local school representatives to coordinate activities with a similar committee appointed by the local bar association in your division.

2. Contact your local bar association representative to schedule local lawyers and judges to visit with your classes.

3. Inform your local bar contact of the precise number of civics teachers and classes you will have participating so he/she knows how many volunteer lawyers/judges he/she will need to recruit for the visits.

4. Select a day that is mutually agreeable for you and for the bar association. This is a one-day event.

5. Using materials provided on this website, the teacher and the visiting lawyer or judge plan a program that engages students in a discussion of the rule of law and includes a video featuring Chief Justice Leroy Hassell, Senior Justice Elizabeth Lacy, former Governor Gerald Baliles and others talking about the rule of law. All of the website materials are aligned to the Virginia SOLs for Civics and Economics classes.

6. As other divisions have done, you will want to inform your instructional staff to review the website, especially the "Training Video" that models the process from meeting with the volunteer lawyer/judge to the actual classroom visit. You also want to encourage participating teachers to contact their volunteer to schedule a pre-visitation meeting to plan for the class activity. Remind them that they will be team teaching with their volunteer, so pre-planning is crucial for a successful class.

7. Upon completion of the one-day event, the teachers will be asked to complete a short online evaluation of the project.

I hope you have found this information helpful. If you have any questions, please contact me. I welcome your questions.

H. Timothy Isaacs, M.A., M.Ed.
Director of Education
The VLF/VBA Rule of Law Project


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