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VBA Rule of Law Teacher Resources

"Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended with diligence."
- Abigail Adams

Welcome to the Teacher Resource site for the Virginia Law Foundation & The Virginia Bar Association Rule of Law Project. The materials available at the links on this page have been created by educators for educators. These materials include information about working with volunteers from your local bar association to plan and implement the project and pre-visitation ideas that can serve as the foundation for a one-day or multi-day lesson to prepare students for the lawyer’s visit. There is a suggested reading list, film list, and visual arts section to extend the Rule of Law Project beyond the limits of a one-day, one-discipline activity. Teachers and lawyers/judges will also find the writing/discussion prompts and lesson plans helpful in facilitating a focused, interactive class sure to engage and educate the students about what it means to live in a nation of laws, not people. While all materials are aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning for Civics and Economics, they are compatible with and are adaptable to various grade and ability levels.

Teaching the Rule of Law iin a classroomTo access these materials, simply click on the link in the sidebar.

We urge teachers and lawyers/judges to review these materials and discuss them in their planning sessions. Remember, you are partners in this activity – plan together, teach together, and share the joy of a successful class together.